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How many drivers can deliver your goods per day in the Philippines? Knowledge for new online sellers

For example, your business can sell 1000 orders per day. Then how do you send all the goods to your clients? How many delivery apps do you have to open to check the price, to check the available drivers around you? How long for your staff to fill out the form on delivery apps? How much do you have to pay for their salary per month just to fill out the form and take care of your delivery part?

And How many drivers can deliver your goods per day in the Philippines by each delivery company?

=>>>> Let's find out! We promise we will list here the delivery fact in PHP and give you 1 solution which can solve all of them. Check until the end of this post.

1. What is the PHP delivery law?

Philippines Delivery Law
Philippines Delivery Law

- Only 65,000 drivers per delivery company. And we have around 24 reliable courier companies, and the total is 109 delivery companies.

2. The delivery driver number fact in the Philippines can serve you per day:

how many drivers in philippines can serve per day
How many drivers in philippines can serve per day

- Imagine how many online sellers same as you in the Philippines? As our market research:

+ According to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in the Philippines, the number of online sellers increased from 1,700 in March 2020 to 93,318 in January 2021.

+ So imagine one more time how limited your business is during this? 65,000 drivers time 109 delivery companies then divided into 93,318 online active users, we have around 75 drivers can serve you per day.

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3. How much salary do you have to pay to one staff to take care of your delivery part?

how much delivery staff
How much delivery booking staff

- Let's say you hire 1 staff. Most likely you'll pay with the minimum wage of 534 Peso/day (that's gross pay), if you less the gov't benefits, most likely that will be around 12.5k Peso/month net pay.

=> What if you have a solution to reduce this cost? Continue to read!!

4. Here is the solution to unlimited your sale by multiple delivery choices in 1 place:

- Search & Book Ride & Delivery Conveniently from multiple service partners with RideRadar. RideRadar Will Make It Easy For You!

- The "Trivago" of the on-demand ride, delivery, & shopping services. Your one-stop app to search availability, compare prices, and request your ride, & delivery needs from multiple service providers.

- With 3 convenience categories: Cheapest, Fastest, and Nearest, you can choose your delivery based on your demand, and with just 1 click our almost 100 delivery partner companies will take care from A-Z for you (around 650,000 drivers), So we break the limit for your business about the delivery part, and our partners take care of everything, you no need to hire staff then decrease your monthly cost. Choose the plan only in 10 minutes for your daily transactions.

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