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Instruction new online sellers on choosing a door to door delivery philippines (4 global standards)

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Have you ever wondered how to choose a door to door delivery philippines service company among thousands of companies in the market? Here are several standards you can count on:

1. Make you become the best reliable online seller with the best door to door cargo delivery services:

door to door cargo delivery services
On time - Door to door cargo delivery services

  • Imagine one day you can sell all your inventory, so now you need to find a delivery company to deliver goods to customers on time and ensure the quality of goods. This is the first criterion you need to pay attention to.

  • To do this, the delivery company needs to be able to come to pick up and check the goods from you once at the end of the day (it should be 1-2 hours) and deliver the whole thing the next day. If any company can guarantee this, then it's time for you to consider choosing that company's door to door delivery philippines service.

=> The 1st standard is Pick-up fast, Clear your warehouse daily based on your sale.

2. Getting a discount based on the total transaction, don't just choose the cheapest door to door courier philippines!

cheapest door to door courier philippines
Cash Flow Calculation - Cheapest door to door courier philippines

  • A low delivery price is not better than getting a discount based on your total completed transactions. As an online seller, the most important thing you care about is how to get 10%, 20%,... as a discount. So it much benefits for you than just a little lower price compared to the market. Or any promotion for your next courier's order with their courier service philippines.

  • In other words, this discount or promotion is your additional income. So they have to have the wholesale client's discount policy with each level has its benefit. We should choose the best door to door delivery philippines.

  • Exp: if you can order them 1000 orders per week, they will give you a 35% discount for your next order. Or if you reach VIP member, every single order you can get some amount of discount. Sound great, right?

=> The 2nd standard is a Promotion or Discount policy needed.

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3. Check the customer's feedback:

door to door delivery services philippines
Feedback - Door to door delivery services philippines

  • Of course, you can not work with a door to door delivery services philippines company that has a very bad evaluation's customers in the market. So check this as well.

  • Here are some ways to check:

+ Check on their Facebook page: Check the page's star, check the comment below some posts there if any problems that the company can not fix or not.

+ Check on Google search: type its company name and see how many stars they can get, any bad feedback or not.

+ Double check with your partner if they used that company's service or not.

=> The 3rt standard is Good evaluation's customers.

4. Support 24/7:

delivery service philippines
24/7 support - Delivery service philippines

- Among thousand of delivery service philippines companies, if some of them have an instant support team, that would be a great choice.

  • Check if you can call easily to their hotline or not

  • If there are 3-5 steps to talk directly to their staff when you call the hotline, DON'T USE that service. Cause sometimes you have an emergency situation if the customer service can not support you right away you will get worse and lose your customer's belief.

=> The 4th standard is whether you can easily talk to the customer service staff of the delivery company or not.

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