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Food Delivery

We’re working very hard to launch this feature very soon. Keep an eye in our app. Through our app, you would be able to search multiple available food delivery service partners and compare the delivery prices.

Choose your food
Check the different delivery price
Enjoy your meal

Parcel Delivery

Want something to be delivered but can’t find a rider or looking for cheaper & faster option? Try our app and search

delivery options & compare prices from our multiple delivery partners.

Select your parcel type and destination
Compare price 
Send your box in the cheapest way


We prioritize your safety and due to the current health crisis, we are temporarily pausing this feature. This will be back soon and you’ll be able to search and compare availability & prices from our multiple on-demand ride service partners again.

Select your destination
Check all possible options
Book your preferred ride

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Our Partners Benefits

Access to multiple Riders

More Booking

Compete in the price to get more rider.

In app rating.

Less waiting time for driver.

Access to all market users